Verizon FIOS Promotion Code

Have you ever tried to complete a purchase online while using a coupon or promo code? It can be a pretty lengthy process at times! There are so many steps to be used when completing the purchase with a code. It looks simple to start, however that quickly changes once you get started in the process of the check out! Here we are going to list step by step guide to complete the check out process in a snap while using a coupon or promo code!

Step One – Go to the site in question, we are using Verizon does have many different sites this one covers Wireless, Residential and Business. Click on the option that brought you to the site. We are going to choose wireless since that is what the majority of us go to the site for in the first place.

Step Two – Once you are on the wireless site, choose what you are shopping for. We are going to choose an accessory so that we can go straight to the checkout rather than pretending to create a new family package. The process is still the same once you have found your item or items just place them in the cart and continue.

Step Three – Once you have placed your items in the cart and are ready to checkout, simply click on checkout. If you are a member you can choose to sign in or checkout as a guest. The choice is completely yours! We are going to checkout as a quest.

Step Four – The checkout process consists of entering your Shipping Information. Once this is complete you will then enter your Billing Information, this is also where you will find the promo code and coupon code options. Find this option and click on the + and you will find the drop down menu with the option to add your promo code. Once you have added your promo code click apply. This will refresh your page to ensure the changes are made to your purchase.

Step Five – Review your order. This is where you review everything including your promo and coupon codes! You can review your entire order here and ensure you are receiving exactly what you think you are going to receive!

Step Six – Place your final order.

As long as everything works properly as we all know how technology can be at times it really is that simple! Not to mention if you do not have a coupon code you can normally find some really good ones online. Just do a search before you checkout just to see for sure! It can’t hurt!

Depending on the type of product you are using from Verizon there are some really good options!

Both prepaid and contract wireless are really good! With the name and service area we have service anywhere we go and living in a rural area is not a problem using Verizon Cell Phone Service. They are the best we have found when it comes to cell service.

Verizon hotspot internet is quite amazing as well! There are so many options when living in a rural area or just to take it on the go that the hotspot offers. We have used this in the past and absolutely loved it! The speeds were the best we have ever had and the connection was never interrupted!

With everything that we have tried by Verizon has been an absolute amazing product. There has never been any problems what so ever. Connections are always available and service is always at least 4 bars! We can’t say enough good things about them!

Straight Talk Promo COde

Straight Talk Shopping Tips

Online shopping tips for the Straight Talk portal can be helpful and save wasted time from trying to figure out the specifics of the Strait Talk shopping network. Straight talk customers can save hundreds of dollars when using the Trac-n-Save feature of the website. You must be registered as a member of Straight Talk and provide a valid phone number for activation to receive and view the savings that are awarded to customers.

How to Use Trac-n-Save

Visit the Straight Talk Website

Click on the “SHOP” tab – You can find the shop tab in the upper left corner of the page. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the list for the Trac-n-Save tab.

Follow the Trac-n-Save link – This link will take you to the members page for the Trac-n-Save portal.

Activate your Account – You will need to fill out the short registration form and supply your Straight Talk phone number for activation. Follow all directions for activation as prompted on the website. You will also need to provide a valid email address for registration to receive special savings and to complete activation.

Build Your Profile – You can now build a basic profile that will customize your personal shopping experience. The more you share on your profile will help to build your shopping personality and the coupons offered to you will be based on your interests and basic shopping needs. You do not have to worry about sifting through tons of junk coupons and specials.

When using the portal you can view a variety of special savings designed especially for Straight Talk customers. The basic coupons are available to be added to your wallet once your account is registered. Your wallet will store your coupons until you are ready to use them online or in the stores.

How to Use Your Wallet

The Wallet Section is located on the left of the page under your profile. Your wallet will show what coupons you have earned and selected. You can save them or print them, depending on when you want to use your coupons.

Printable Coupons – Coupons that you find will be stored here that can be later printed and used in stores.

Special Offers – You can earn special offers and various promo codes for use online. The offers are listed in your wallet and are available per merchant.

Your wallet will detail your collection of coupons and special offers. You can view each specific coupon, special or the total sum of your wallet savings. You will also see a “Ready to Print” tab that will show what coupons are ready to print. When you are ready to print your coupons, you simply click on the “Print” tab. You will then be given the choice to select what coupons you would like to print or to print them all. A total of your printable coupons is also kept in your wallet to account for all coupons downloaded and used.

Special offers are available for various promotions through vendors sponsored on the Straight Talk and the Trac-n-Save website. Promo codes are supplied for special savings and can be earned in a variety of ways. Each special offer will detail the steps that need to be followed to claim your savings.

Shopping Assistant

You will notice a tab for “Shopping Assistant” at the top of the page on the navigation bar. This tab is designated for your shopping lists. You can create a variety of shopping lists by coupons and promotions. The lists will help you to organize your coupons and detail your shopping experience. You will never forget what oupons you have available for which stores and websites. The Assistant keeps all of your lists neatly organized and detailed.

The valuable coupons and special offers available to Straight Talk customers can vary from printable grocery coupons to special deals on computers, vacations and rentals. Hotel promotions and restaraunt coupons are also available and can be earned through a variety of formats. When viewing the various pages you can learn more about each offer by clicking on the “Get Offer Details” tab under each offer. You cannot view the offers in full until you become a member of the portal.

You are given the option to store the offers in your wallet or to print them immediately. Coupons can be printed for grocery stores in your select area and other participating retailers. If you are planning a trip or vacation, then you can also search the coupon database for the deals available for the area that you will be visiting. You can find great deals that can reward a lot of savings. The extra discounts for trips and cruises can help when planning that special Holiday.

Boost Mobile Promo Code and Coupon

Boost mobile coupons can be easy to find and they are pretty much everywhere. You can find them in the papers and online. All you need to do is know where to look. Go in some of the advertisement and coupon sections and locate some boost mobile coupons. They are pretty easy to find. To get even quicker service go online to the Boost website. You will find coupons on the site all around. Some coupons are there for established customers. Other are there to entice new customers to sign up. Some coupons will even mention a high percentage off in order to get your business.

You can also do a Google search for Boost mobile coupons. You will find a number of search responses for the coupons. Go to any of those site and take a look at the coupons. There is usually a promo code attached to each of the coupons. Some of the codes may be pretty small, but they are still visible. Once you find a coupon that you want to use, save it to your filing system. Go back onto the mobile site and go to the product and service that you wish to buy.

When you enter the checkout line, they will prompt you for the coupon. The prompt is usually indicated by a space for you to enter in the code. Once you bring up the file that you saved, highlight the code. Once the code is highlighted, than hit copy. Go back to the checkout line and paste the highlighted code into the space provided. Once the code is in that space, the correct coupon percentage should be represented in the order.


Always make sure that the code that you use is used within the proper time. Don’t wait until it’s expired, because the system will recognize it. Depending on what types of coupons that you have, you may not be able to use more than one at a time. Some might let you, but be sure to read the fine print before you use them. If you are interested in a few coupons, pick out the one you want use right away and save the rest. But always keep an eye on the dates and when and where you can use them. Some coupons will be able to be used online and in store, others won’t.


Boost mobile is a phone company that offers many services to it’s clients. Boost mobile has gained a wide reputation for offering so much for a lot less.

If you are tired of getting taken to the cleaners by your phone company, than you might want to consider going to Boost mobile. Boost is a small part of Sprint’s nation-wide brand. Boost does something that not many other companies will do. They offer products and services with no long-term contracts. Other phone companies will only offer wireless services with contracts that you are bound to. But with Boost you don’t get that. You get this and so much more. Boost listens to their customers and values their input.

Boost mobile values it’s customers where the longer you stay, the less you pay. They offer services such as unlimited talk and text. The also offer unlimited services for the internet and email. Boost has reached over 280 million customers through it’s connection with Sprint Nationwide. When you sing on to Boost mobile there are also no activation fees, unlike other phone companies.

One of the main products that Boost offers are their handsets. Their handsets range from LG and Motorola to RIM. Their phones range from entry-level hand held phones to Android Smartphones and other devices.

You can find these services and products being sold at any local store or nationwide chain. Check out stores such as Walgreens and Target. There is also Best Buy and Radio Shack. For even better quality service check out any nationwide Sprint store.
You can also go to any wireless dealer and check out products and services there. Go to and check out the many values that they offer. You can also go to places such as Twitter and other social network pages to see what other customers are saying about Boost.

Carbonite Offer Code and Coupons

Coupon and promotional codes are fabulous ways to save money when it comes to online shopping, especially at Carbonite. Before making any purchases online, you should always check to see if you could manage to get your purchases cheaper, which is almost always likely the case as nearly all stores will have applicable coupons and promotions going on for at least something that pertains to the services or products they offer. Promo codes can even be applied towards the subscription services offered by Carbonite.

Doing a Google search is one of the easiest ways to see if their are any applicable coupon codes for Carbonite that will pertain to your order. Google will then usually give you a list of sites, likely ones that are specific to offering consumers coupons and promotion codes, that can be used at that time. Free trials are great for trying out new services and products before you potentially spend money on something you don’t like, which ultimately saves you money. If you like the service, you can easily continue past the trial period; if you don’t, you can end before the trial ends and have to pay nothing.

You can Google something long the lines of “Carbonite coupon codes” or “Carbonite promotional codes” and so forth. Most often, there will be codes that will take a certain percentage off either your total order or a specific order, or even offer a free trial for a stated amount of time.

When given a list of options, you should skim through all the offers available and look for ones that pertain to your specific purpose; Only if your purchase meets the requirements for the discount will it be applied to your order. You should also check to make sure that the promo code isn’t expired.

If you happen to come across a coupon code that is for something you know you ultimately will not end up wearing or using, skip it. Just because you can get something cheaper than it’s retail value, it’s not actually going to save you money if you wouldn’t have purchased the same product or service otherwise. You should stick to using coupon codes for things you really use.

Usually, coupon codes can be entered one of two ways; either by clicking the promo link you’ve come across (which should then direct you back to the Carbonite website where you can then continue with your shopping and see the promo code automatically applied to your order), or by manually placing the promo code in the appropriate box during checkout. Promo links are most often hyperlinked and will read as “Shop Now”, “Redeem Offer”, or “Use Code”, and so forth. Otherwise, you may only (or as opposed to) have to copy the promo code and paste it later on when the time comes to complete your checkout.

If you copied the promo code, you’ll need to redirect your attention back to the Carbonite website where you’ll complete your order by choosing the desired service package and enter the needed billing information. Once you create an account, there will be a box labeled “Offer Code” to which you will then paste the promo code and click “Apply”.

Selecting the service plan of your choosing, a pop up box will appear and show a few options along with a “Buy Now” button, which you’ll click after choosing the desired options. You’ll be then taken to the “Create Account” screen where you’ll have to register with them before being able to complete your order. Once you fill in all the required information, you would have successfully created an account and be redirected to completing your checkout.

Finally, after you’ve entered the applicable coupon or promotional code and you see that your new total has been adjusted, you can now continue with your checkout and completing your order. If the savings have not been applied, it may be because the code has expired, it doesn’t pertain to your specific order (Such as not applying to the particular service package that you selected, and so forth).

With Carbonite, you get a secure, cloud based, backup service that you can configure to backup your computers automatically so you don’t have to do it manually although you’ll still have the option of doing so if you wish. Using promo codes just allows you to get the service you’re interested in while saving money in the process. You can backup videos, photos, emails, system settings, music, and documents, while being able to access all files from the cloud. The premium plans offered by Carbonite can also backup external hard drives, operating system software, and software programs. All plans include unlimited storage. All files stored on Carbonite’s cloud are encrypted and can only be accessed by the user who put it there.

AT&T U-verse Coupon Code and Deals

AT&T offers top-of-the-line, quality TV, Internet, and phone services through U-verse. Do you have a promo code or coupon for U-verse services? If so, follow these five simple steps to cash in on that deal.

  • Visit AT&T’s U-verse Website or simply click here.
  • Select the product or bundle package you are interested in.
  • Set up the package and check out.
  • Enter your coupon code at the check-out screen.
  • Complete our order.

AT&T U-verse Double Play with U300 TV + Internet Max Plus  for only $89 per month and you receive a $50 reward card!

Big savings on the AT&T U-verse Triple Play with U-family TV + Voice 200 + Internet Elite for only $89 per month with a 1 yr contract and you receive a $50 reward card!

Great deal on the AT&T U-verse Triple Play with U-family TV + Voice 200 + Internet Pro and you receive a $300 reward card!

AT&T U-verse Double Play with U-family TV + Internet Elite for only $59 per month for 12 months and you receive a $50 reward card!

AT&T U-verse Double Play with U-verse TV + Internet and you receive a $200 reward card!

 Order Max Plus with U-basic TV and HBO included for only $39 per month and also get a year of Amazon Prime!

AT&T U-family TV plus DVR for $29 per month for 6 months and you receive a $50 reward card!

See all of the great AT&T U-verse offers, and get up to $300 in reward cards!

See all of the great AT&T High Speed offers, and get up to $100 in reward cards!

1. Visit the U-verse Website

This step is simple. Visit and hover over the “shop” option at the top of the page. A menu will appear that gives you the option to shop “U-verse.” Simply click on this link and you will be directed to the U-verse page. Or you can simply go to Once on this page all you have to do is click on any of the shop links to see a list of all the products and services U-verse has to offer.

2. Select the Product You Want

Before you can select a product you will have to enter your address so AT&T can verify that it can serve your home location. Once this is done you simply select the product or bundle package you are interested in, or the one that complies with your coupon or discount, and click continue. This webpage shows you all the different options that U-verse has for home phone, TV and internet services. It shows you what you can expect to pay for the various services, and what benefits each package comes with. You can select and compare one service or any combination of the servicers AT&T has to offer.

3. Set-Up Your Product

Once you have selected the product or bundle you want, you will be guided through a series of tasks to set up that product. These tasks are fast, simple, and clear. The best part about this section is that AT&T breaks down for you several different options and what would happen to your payment if you changed any of these options. This is so beneficial because you know you are getting the best product for your money and nothing is hidden or held back. Once you have completed this set-up process simply click continue.

4. Enter Your Coupon or Promo Code

You are now at the place where you enter your AT&T U-verse Coupon code. Here you will see a review of everything you have purchased. Once you review your items and scroll to the bottom you will see box to enter your coupon code. Simply enter the code and hit apply to see your new balance and new charges. It really is that simple.

5. Complete Your Order

Once you have applied your coupon code, continue checking out. From here you will enter your payment information, and any other necessary data to complete your order and get your U-verse services up and running. Congratulations! You are now a customer with U-verse, meeting your top-of-the line modern technology needs.

Why Choose U-verse

Now that you know how to use your coupon you might be asking yourself why choose U-verse for your TV, internet, and home phone needs? That answer is simple. Not only is U-verse competitively priced, but it offers top of the line award-winning phone services, internet speeds, and cable packages that you can enjoy in more locations than you previously imagined. U-verse uses top of the line fiber optic technology to offer full fast and reliable digital services. You can also use a service like Carbonite, with a Carbonite offer code of course, to back everything up.

  • CABLE TV: With the U-verse cable TV you can enjoy watching your shows anywhere in your home. You have multiple packages to provide you with the channels and programs you want to watch, and you can add DVR services that can record as many as four shows at one. Other features include the ability to pause and fast forward your television and high definition packages.
  • INTERNET: U-verse offers fast internet and reliable speeds with the option to purchase or rent a wireless router directly from AT&T. Download speeds are unparalleled reaching as high as 45 Mbps, and security features make this internet option one that can’t be beat.
  • HOME PHONE: Digital home phone options are available to keep your home secure with a landline telephone. You can choose between local and international packages, decided if you want your information listed or private, and enjoy the security of a landline for a reasonably low price. Other features include caller ID, three way calling, and call waiting.

With all the features U-verse has to offer at a competitive rate, there is no reason to look any further for your cable TV, internet and home phone needs.


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